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Arcadian Bulldogs is a small boutique hobby kennel located in the stunning Gold Coast Hinterland Queensland Australia, our select few dogs in our program are our pets first and foremost and live free range on our beautiful property. We enjoy spending many hours with our dogs each day, interacting, playing and maintaining them in a free range environment to ensure they are getting what they need physically and mentally. 

Before our passion started for the Southern Cross Bulldogs and Australian Bulldogs we were registered breeders of Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff) after the devastating loss of our prize winning stud to a brown snake bite we changed directions and quickly fell in love with the compact size of the bulldog but the soft nature and characteristics of the mastiff that make up the Aussie and Southern Cross Bulldogs. We are 100% dedicated to providing well put together bulldogs to contribute towards both foundation breeds with the purpose of becoming a future ANKC recognised breed. Even though we love our rare colours and specialise in this we aim for structure and health first.

We are experienced breeders that are dedicated to bettering the breed with intentions of breeding each generation better than the last. Our main objective is to provide healthy stock in our chosen breeds with the future goal of being a part of a national purebred breed recognition. Our ethics as breeders are drawn from the same principles and standards in place for registered purebred breeders, we have adopted the same practices from our past days of breeding Dogue De Bordeaux and carried them over to our current program. The health and welfare of our pets are first and foremost with our focus being on the best care and maintenance for them. 

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