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Arcadian Bulldogs Guardianship Program 

Arcadian Bulldogs is excited to announce a new guardianship program!! The Guardian Home breeding program was brought to my attention by another breeder who began a program just like this one. What makes this program helpful for breeders such as us is that we are able to continue our pedigree lines we have worked so hard to achieve over the years while keeping our pack small. This means our pack can get the care, attention and love many big breeders are not able to give each and everyone of their outside kennelled dogs to the extent we can. 



How does the program work?

When one of our breeding girls is having a rest and time off from breeding she will become available to the guardianship program, she will go to a suitable approved applicant that will be able to enjoy her company and give her all the attention she needs, ownership of the dog is always retained by Arcadian Bulldogs. Once she comes back into season she is returned to us for breeding. The incentive for the guardian is that at the end of a 12 month guardianship you will either be able to choose a pup from the next litter valued between $2500 - $3000 OR you can choose to have that in cash and if you desire you can take on another adult female (providing we have one available) and repeat the process of a 12 month guardianship.

Who qualifies for the program?

When it comes to selecting a guardian family, we are very selective in who we choose, we do not approve everyone and this is nothing personal, we just want the most suitable dwelling for our girls. We want to make sure that our dogs go to safe homes where they will be well cared for and not allowed to escape, get lost or get run over by a car.
We expect the dogs to be aloud to come in the house at times, especially if the weather is particularly hot. We look for people who have had bulldog or mastiff breeds before. Guardian families will need to be willing to provide references that can be contacted during the approval process. We are currently looking for families or persons in the Gold Coast region or no more than 2 hours away from our location in the Gold Coast hinterland!

What if I take a girl that is only with us for a shorter period than 12 months before she comes back into season?

If you take on an available female and she comes into season before the 12 months is up then you will be given another female providing one is available or go onto the list as a priority to receive another one when one becomes available to finish the 12 months. 

What is expected of the Guardian family?

The Guardian family is expected to give the best home, love and care possible to the Bulldog placed in their home. You would feed and take care of her as if she were your own, vet costs where there is negligence, sickness in your care or accidents would be the guardianship families responsibility, we do offer discount food for locals at the wholesale prices we get them for so she can be kept on a premium diet while in your care. There is a contract that is to be abided by, please contact us for the puppy application and read over the contract to be considered for our Guardianship Breeding Program.

Guardianship Contract - once you submit the form below we will contact you with the contract.




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